iBonus Backend Server is one of its kind, innovative Windows based software that is intended to collect all transaction records from Terminals and transfer it to Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for storage. It is also responsible for managing the repair, card renewal and replacement queries that come from all the Terminals.

Easy System Administration
The system administrator basically operates the server and keep track and export the status of all the Terminals in real time through time status report and event log.

iBonus Administrative Tools -- Administrator can monitor the transactions sending back to server.

Basic Reporting
iBonus Backend Server also provide the reporting functions. The system administrator is allowed to make use of filters and grouping the member information, terminals, branch, transaction types and much more so as to make required query on iBonus Database. The system administrator is also allowed to keep track on the purchasing behavior of the customers and they can easily identify at what time, what type of customer frequently make purchases mostly. All these information is recorded and exported to Microsoft Excel for further investigation.

Screen Shot of Web based Report

System Requirements

Since the iBonus Server don’t require any real time response from administrator regularly, so the system requirements on network connection and server hardware are vey less.

In systems that comprise up to 50,000 members, iBonus Server can function without the use of Microsoft SQL Server 2005. In such scenario, the iBonus Server make use of its own in-built Microsoft Access database or Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 for storage of data. But, system with over 50,000 members will require Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to run this application.

If you use Microsoft SQL 2005 Reporting Services to generate reports then it will simply put loads of pressure on iBonus Server. So, to prevent the adverse impact on the performance of the server it is always better to reschedule the tasks during non peak hours or simply shifting he reporting task to any other computer with less them 50,000 members.

Network Connection
It is very essential for the users to have advanced computer system with broadband TCP/IP network connection or LAN and it should be used between iBonus Server and iBous Terminal for better performance.

CPUIntel duo core 2GHz or above
RAMDDR2 1G byte or above
Hard Disk80GB or above
Operating SystemDoes not require iBonus Web Reports:

Windows 7 Home

Windows XP Home

Windows Server 2003

Windows Vista Home

Require iBonus Web Reports:

Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows XP Professional

Windows Server 2003

Windows Vista Business

Microsoft SQL Server<50,000 Member, optional

50,000+ Member, recommended

Network Card100Mbps network card

Report generation using Microsoft SQL 2005 Reporting Services might generate heavy work load on the iBonus Server. To avoid affecting the server performance, it is suggested to schedule the work during non-peak hours or scale out the reporting work on to another computer.

Network Connection
LAN or broad band TCP/IP connection should be used between iBonus Terminal and iBonus Server.