Server Requirements

Recommended System Specification

As iBonus Server is not needed to handle real time response regularly. iBonus System has low requirements on network connection and server hardware.

For a system with up to 50,000 members, iBonus Server can be run without Microsoft SQL Server 2005. iBonus Server can make use of the built in Microsoft Access database or Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 for data storage. For any system with customer base larger than that, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 should be deployed. The following is the recommended specification of the server platform for a system with up to 1,000,000 members.

CPUIntel duo core 2GHz or above
RAMDDR2 1G byte or above
Hard Disk80GB or above
Operating SystemDoes not require iBonus Web Reports:
Windows 7 Home
Windows XP Home
Windows Server 2003
Windows Vista Home

Require iBonus Web Reports:
Windows 7 Ultimate
Windows XP Professional
Windows Server 2003
Windows Vista Business
Microsoft MySQL Server<50,000 Member, optional
50,000+ Member, recommended
Network card100Mbps network card

Report generation using Microsoft SQL 2005 Reporting Services might generate heavy work load on the iBonus Server. To avoid affecting the server performance, it is suggested to schedule the work during non-peak hours or scale out the reporting work on to another computer.

Network Connection 
LAN or broad band TCP/IP connection should be used between iBonus Terminal and iBonus Server.