iBonus Developer/Reseller Overview

 Developer/Reseller’s Business Activity and Benefit
 Platform for Development

Developer/Reseller’s Business Activity and Benefit

iBonus is the leading service provider and endeavors to sell all its valuable products and services through a worldwide network of different developer/reseller companies. We have also marked our footprints in different nations across the globe by actively pursuing additional partners. We are looking forward to extend our partnership and hence searching for companies having unflinching integrity and in-depth expertise in the business.

Business Activities

  • Reselling and integrating iBonus System


  • Competitive partner pricing discount
  • Sales and marketing tools
  • Web listing
  • Interactive tools for posting their case studies

Platform for Development

Being a leading service provider, we endeavor to render a field proven platform to all our developers through our Bonus Platform and iBonus Smart Card Payment System that enable the developers to build their application superior. The field proven platform we deliver to our developers comprises iBonus Web Report, iBonus Server, iBonus Terminal, and iBonus POS link. Now, we have allowed all our developers to have advantage of our field proven stability and some other basic features that are very crucial for the smart card payment system. The entire system focuses on rendering a complete range of platform that helps the developers to deploy their solutions effectively and easily, without many efforts, labor cost, thus helping them to manage member card with ease and with maximum security and reliability. Most of the fundamental features are included in the standard version of iBonus System, while some of the advanced features are only available at extra cost.

iBonus Platform

iBonus Terminal Payment and Bonus Point ApplicationiBonus Server SoftwareiBonus Web ReportiBonus POS Link
Windows CE 5.0Microsoft .NET + Microsoft SQL ServerMFC
Windows PlatformWindows
iBonus Terminal HardwareX86 based computerPOS

Core Features

All-in-one integration Café IP okEZ-Reg.Master CardSRSForensic-SRSCard Manager-SRSCop-SRSPerpetual Blacklist


iBonus Terminal Payment and Bonus Point Application and iBonus Server Software
We always focus on rendering highest quality services and products to all our clients and to achieve this we ensure that the core of our system renders highest stability and this also encourage us to offer Engineering Change Service for customization on iBonus Server software and Terminals. With our Engineering Change Service you can easily make changes and this include changes in the user interface and calculations of amount, these features are not included in our standard versions. So, approach us and give us a chance to serve you. Our technical team will be glad to help you and provide you solutions as per your need.

iBonus Web Report
We have designed an innovative solution that allows you to get more than 40 reports of diverse users and user profile feature and it is called as iBonus Web Report. It offers role based reports to you and it is totally based on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft .Net Framework reporting Services. Here you will also get open source code of all web reporting. Moreover, developers are also allowed to include new reports that are customized as per their business need and also other required information for user’s profile. It enables the developers to make changes in layout of the report and add new layout onto the site.

iBonus POS Link
Now, it is easy to have control over all Smart Card Transactions of iBonus Terminal at Windows based Point of Sales or POS System through a software library called iBonus POS Link. After the advent of this software library developers are allowed to implement country wide smartcard payment and bonus point system without any hassles as it removes all the underlying difficulties. In the process the smartcard is presented to the antenna of the terminal and a beep sound is played which indicates that the terminal has copied the smartcard for payments. At a time the terminal is capable of performing more than 10 operations. This includes card authentication, data decryptions, blacklist checking, expiry date checking, card balance checking, value calculation, data encryption and transaction logging. Since it has a simple and easy to understand Windows based POS interface, the programmers will find no difficulty and hassle using it and they will be free from all the complexity involved in data handling. So, there is no other alternative and best solution available today that can challenge the features and competence of smart card solution. Remember, iBonus POS link library is only offered with complete iBonus Terminal package. So, make sure that whenever you go for iBonus system you opt for only complete iBonus Terminal package to avail all these features and advantages.