iBonus Secured Smartcards (64 Bits of Encryption)

We have introduced a revolutionary iBonus Formatter Terminal, a card issuing method that supports the widely used NXP Mifare Classic 1K, under which all cards will be licensed through iBonus MasterCard and the quota allotted. This is the ultimate design that exceptionally reduces the procurement time as well as the cost involved in the shipment, without compromising the services offered to customers and head quarter’s control over numbers of cards issued at any branch. 

This system is widely used by many companies today as it simplifies the process of issuing cards. With the use of MasterCard all the Distributor/Reseller clients will get protected and locked, thus preventing other Resellers and Distributors from selling in your assigned Regions and Territories.

iBonus Limited focuses on render a complete range of advanced and latest Mifare contactless cards, which are not only durable and stylish, but are masterly designed to suit multiple card applications. All these are ISO format cards that are made out of high quality white PVC sheets and comprise some captivating features and finish. Some of the cards are designed with glossy finish, while some come in mat finish and all these cards are compatible with special purpose printers from our own factory. Therefore, allowing our clients to customize the cards as per their needs simply by printing personalized identity of your choice instantly and directly on the issued cards. These Mifare Contactless Cards are designed by AVI Infosys and intended to offer the options like it can be used as fully customized cards with customers branding.

iBonus is the leading service provider of contactless cards and hence we also specialize in offering a wide variety of Pre-Printed Mifare Smartcards. The Pre-Printed cards are made out of superior quality PVC sheets, which serve as an ultimate card for membership, loyalty, gift, leisure card and much more. All these cards can serve the purpose of multiple applications. We have in-house team of dedicated professionals who pre-print the cards on your behalf by including logo, brand, and other details, thus minimizing the running costs for application like membership and also enabling you to accelerate the card issuing process, which is faster compared to traditional printing cards. So, this will also help you to cut cost for printing and other services required to issue a card.