Loyalty Card for Retail Chains

Being the leading service provider, iBonus focuses on aiding the loyalty card for retail chains to patronize their stores successfully. Now you are totally free from thinking out of the box and something unique to create a buzz for your retail chain. Our team of dedicated professionals will assist you to acquire, create, and retain the highest customer equity for all repeat customer bases. They will also help you to create captivating brands, services, and products which will play a crucial role in making your business more competitive and cutting edge compared to your counterparts. Our professionals perfectly understand the fact that the sustainability of a business greatly depends on the inflow of the customers, thus thy focus on offering Customer Loyalty Programs in Retail and Retail Loyalty Solutions.

The iBonus loyalty card for retail chains are the innovative creation that can be customized and designed as per the needs of your retail chain at affordable rates. You can custom design the loyalty cards to suit your business needs with some additional services. With the use of iBonus Loyalty Cards you can guarantee exceptional experience to all your customers.


Our dedicated professionals assist you to carry on a healthy business by creating a repeat customer base, thus helping your business to enjoy maximum inflow of revenues consistently. With iBonus Loyalty Cards you can easily improve the customer experience and relationships. With this loyalty program you can easily keep your customers happy as it enables you to offer rewarding points and gifts to your customers on each purchase they make, thus helping you to keep them happy and retain them loyal and connected and even encourage them to spend more on your retail store in sake of gifts and rewards. As a matter of fact, we focus on developing repeat customer base which in turn help you to gain increased revenues consistently and even keep your customers motivated and make them loyal towards your business.


iBonus Customer Loyalty Programs in Retail also help your business to get more new customers, whilst retaining the old customers that enable you to save money as well as time on advertising and marketing campaigns to get more customers. So, it is the most affordable and ultimate solution through which old customers can be retained and make them loyal towards your business without compelling them to go for other alternatives. With our loyalty card for retail chains, you can easily build up a strong base of repeat customers and even compel them to spend more on your store.


To have a healthy business it is very crucial for all businesses to focus on customer relationships. The iBonus Customer Loyalty Programs in Retail are designed to help businesses to develop a healthy relationship with the customers by offering them exceptional customer services which in turn makes the customers loyal to the business. It enables you to keep track of the buying behavior of the customers, thus helping you to meet your customer demands aptly and develop a healthy relationship with them ahead. This will also help you to increase revenue and overall turnover.

iBonus Limited has the best interests of customer in mind. Our customers can rely on us when it comes to seek assistance for making correct and affordable decisions to help enrich the bottom-line of the business. Our prime objective is to put the customers at the pinnacle of the agenda, by considering their concerns as priority. So, anyone looking for exceptional solution and reliable company to provide correct and cost-effective customer loyalty solutions may approach us today at +971 4 3338681 or write us an email on iBonus@avi-infosys.com and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.