E- Meal Card System for Food Courts Meal Management System

If you are working in an MNC or Hotel or in any Organization, then you might be aware with the fact that all these companies have their own canteen services for their employees. Although all these organizations provide canteen facilities for their employees, the meal card system requires every factor including meal head count system, food court prepaid card system, school lunch card system, and much more. It is a hard task to handle and manage a canteen. So, to make the work of management more efficient, we have launched an innovative cashless meal management system that offers you a user-friendly system to facilitate efficient and quick operation to manage meal headcount per employee and their meal transactions with ease. With the use of this meal card system, employees can now enjoy a food court prepaid card system and automated transactions. It also has a proven online network-based solution that enables you to manage multiple canteens and counter simultaneously.

Cashless Meal Management System includes Data Collection Terminals, optional Thermal Receipt Printer and Meal Management Software programs. With the use of this exceptional solution you will not only get criteria based reports but also help you ensure one meal per employee everything, helping you to prevent misuse of dining facility at your organization.


  •  64 Bits Encryption on cards to prevent theft, frauds and duplication
  •  It stores last meal details of the employee on the card automatically
  •  It is considered a backend meal capture database engine
  •  Users can easily check multiple meal swaps for all branches and terminals with ease
  •  Meal Quota can be checked and verified on all customer prepaid cards
  •  The quota set of meals can also be checked and verified on all cards
  •  It can be operated offline and online without the use of any network infrastructure
  •  In offline mode it can easily store up to 5000 meal swap records
  •  It is the easiest meal swap solution with real-time reports with all criteria combinations
  •  It enables you to manage, maintain and create meal transition report of each employees/department and contractor wisely based on hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.
  •  In adherence to your organization’s needs, it can be customized to deliver your exceptional reports and services.


  •  Provides Intranet/Network-based solutions that allow you to manage multiple branches or terminals in a close environment and Coupon Printers or Label Printers can also be installed with every Meal Swap Terminal.
  •  You can define timing for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Tea, etc
  •  Also, the quota for meal card system can be defined on the prepaid smart cards
  •  It offers the latest online reporting module with role-based access for all departments including, Head Cashiers, Branch Cashiers, Marketing, Finance, and IT Admin

Advance Reports

  •  Employees are allowed to take reports on daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis in contractor wise, canteen facility wise and data wise
  •  It offers you special reports for all extra meals taken by the employees in any specific meal timing
  •  It comes with separate admin module that manages the blacklisting, card activation, and online terminal monitoring
  •  It will also offer advanced meal summary reports on demand.