Membership Card for Health Clubs Cafe Spa

We have been serving a large of clients with our iBonus prepaid membership card for Health Clubs, Cafe, Spa. We have designed this simple, yet effective marketing tool that has the potential to convert sporadic customers into a routine source of revenue for your business. By using your rich marketing expertise and masterly combining it with your club’s or café’s membership card, you can enjoy great revenue by increasing your sales round the year.



iBonus Prepaid prepaid membership card for Health Clubs, Cafe, Spa enables you to improve your business by rewarding all your loyal customers. We are dedicatedly offering customizable membership cards that help businesses to preserve better customer data and develop exceptional customer relationships and experiences, thus converting more sales at very cost-effective way. Customers are allowed to check the remaining balance on their cards, membership dates and even activities very easily. Now the information is easily accessible and remains confidential with the use of iBonus Loyalty Membership Prepaid Cards. Now pleasing the customers has become easier than ever before, especially after the advent of iBonus Membership Cards.


It also enables the businesses to develop prepaid membership schemes in a way through which all members will be paying the businesses in advance to avail the services with ease, thus keeping the customers connected, close and privileged. It also allows the business to get the payments in advance from customers without actually offering them services on the liquidating stocks inventory.

The Loyalty iBonus Membership Cards actually allows the businesses to retain their existing members. With promotional schemes of membership cards actually help the businesses to compel the existing members to refer more colleagues and friends, which in turn increase more revenue for business.


So, anyone business owners running a internet café, health club, spa and looking for reliable and trustworthy service provider to offer right Loyalty/Prepaid membership solution may opt for out iBonus Membership Cards to address the issue in most cost-effective way. We are a reliable service provider serving a large number of businesses since our inception. We are honest in offering services to our clients by keeping their best interests in mind, but not ours.


So, you can trust us and our services as we endeavor to assist our clients in making right, informative, and cost-effective decisions for the sake of enriching their bottom line. We always put our customers at the pinnacle of all our agendas, thus guaranteeing superior quality prepaid membership card systems. You may approach us anytime at +971 4 3338681 or write us an email on and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.