Leisure Cards for Hostels Casinos and Clubs

Are you looking forward to offer discounts at a range of attractions to your customers to attract their attention? If your answer is affirmative, then iBonus Leisure Cards for Hostels Casinos and Clubs offered by our company would be the right choice for you. It will help you offer a wide variety of prepaid/loyalty schemes to your customers through which they can enjoy lucrative offers and remain loyal and connected to your night club always.

The iBonus Leisure loyalty/prepaid cards are specifically designed to suit the unique needs of your restaurant business and night clubs and offered at very cost effective rate with some mind-boggling services. Leisure Cards for Hostels, Casinos and Club will help you to improve your customer relationship and even provide you and your clients a terrific and exceptional experience. It also offers several other benefits including:

  •  It increases the sales of your business by enhancing the inflow of customers and also by enhancing the impulse repeat purchase by a loyal customer base by offering them some lucrative and prominent deals and offers.
  •  It helps you to create more revenue and cash flow, which is very crucial for all businesses
  •  It helps you to create awareness, brand and customer loyalty at large
  •  It enables you to develop regular loyalty marketing campaigns that increase the overall footfall and revenue
  •  It also enables you to develop a Referral Marketing and Network Marketing campaign instantly to get more members for your nightclubs and outlets. To attract more customers towards the Network Marketing and Referral Marketing campaigns, you may offer the referee loyal customers’ additional loyalty points or prepaid amount as per the customer referral scheme.