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iBonus System, the GenX loyalty system with a prepaid subsystem, is based on the award-winning technology of distributed offline NFC contactless smart card / Smartphone as Emulated Card HCE/BLE Technology.


iBonus is the world’s first to employ HCE/BLE technology to provide offline smart phone based loyalty system to cover over 90% of smart phones users worldwide.

iBonus Smart Card Payment and Bonus Point System

12 reasons why to choose iBonus System

Anti Fraud Features

The technology used in iBonus is stored value card, hence there is no possibility of manipulation that can be done at the backend database.

Stored value card (SVC)

iBonus smart card has a technology to save value and points on the card itself. This means the card stores the last transaction value.

End to End Customization

iBonus system has a capability of end to end customization as per client’s requirements. This means it is customizable to any extent.

Instant earning and redemption

Since it is a stored value technology, end users can earn and redeem points instantly without any dependency on backend.

Real Time Transactions

When terminal is connected to internet or Wi-Fi, real time transactions can be immediately viewed on the backend server.

Designed for mass deployment

ibonus has a ready setup for enterprise segment and can be deployed in any big outlet in no time.

OFF line Storage

in case of internet connectivity loss, data is safe since the terminal itself is capable of storing 5000 records in offline mode and as soon as the internet is resumed the data gets pushed immediately.

Supervisor Authority control

The system can be configured as per the needs of the client. This means staff management as per hierarchy is possible and Authority levels can be defined which can be controlled by Staff cards.

Point of sale (POS) Integration.

iBonus has a ready API’s which can be integrated with any windows base POS application.

Central database Architecture

Be it one terminal or 100 or more, the data get pushed to the central database real time.

Health and Integrity checks

The backend iBonus server keeps sending regular pings to ensure that the terminals are working seamlessly and in case of a fault it sends a trigger back to database and show terminal as offline. This helps IT administrator to monitor activity of all iBonus terminals in your network.

Loyalty/ prepaid Engine

Works on push and pull technology. When connected to internet, the terminal pushes the data in real time to the central database, while the backend does the job of pulling the data from all the terminals.

Our Loyalty/ Prepaid Solutions & Services

Retail loyalty Solutions & services

» Prepaid Gift Card Solutions & Services
» Prepaid Membership Solutions & Services
» Mall/ retail Stores loyalty Solutions & Services
» City/Country Loyalty Solutions & Services
» Coalition Multi Merchant loyalty Solutions and Services
» Smartph one as Stored value chip cards

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Offline Loyalty Rewards engine Services

» Multi Store Prepaid Settlement Solutions
» Food Court prepaid Solutions and Services
» Airline, Travel & Tourism Loyalty Solutions and Services
» Hotel, Night Clubs, restaurants Loyalty Services
» Employee Incentive program Solutions and Services
» Prepaid Canteen Head count Billing Solutions and Services

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Event CheckIN Solutions and Services

» RFID/NFC based Social Media Integration Solutions and Services
» Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies Loyalty/Prepaid Solutions and Services
» Prepaid Fuel management Solutions and Services
» Prepaid payment Solutions and Services for School & University campuses
» Membership Solutions and Services for Gyms, health clubs and Fitness centres

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iBonus is the world’s first to employ HCE/BLE technology
to provide offline smart phone as Stored Value Emulated Virtual loyalty Rewards points system to cover over 90% of smart phones users worldwide !.

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HOW IT WORKS IN 5 Easy steps for ibonus iBonus Smart Card .


Create Your Loyalty scheme as

1 USD = 1 Point or 50/100
USD = 1 Point

Hand our customer a card an enrol their details on to the customer data base
Customer awarded points each time they spen in our outlet using our ibonus NFC Loyalty Terminal.
Customer can view loyalty/ prepaid balances or your company staff can see statement of Accounts and all analytical cutomer data any time anywhere using ibonus Web Portal Access.
Customer return to store and redeempointz and continue shopping to accumulate more points for future redumption.

Our work is dedicated to the prosperity of our clients! Use our
Loyalty Services to Save your money and Shop more!!

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News & events

New Product Launch iBonus Lite

iBonus had launched a most cost effective Version for iBonus Andriod version and New Version will be named as iBonus Lite. It has all features which any company need to launch your own Loyalty or Prepaid Program.


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The best consultants for our project were available from AVI Infosys 24X7 and the sales and support teams extended their support every time we needed inputs and help. Professionals from AVI managed our project excellently and delivered all our requirements well. Online Internet Support was also available whenever required. AVI Infosys has a highly professional attitude toward their clients and client satisfaction is their top priority.

Management, Joy Alukkas Group, Dubai, UAE

I got my Loyalty System set up and Installed from AVI Infosys and working in less than 24 hours which is an incredible feat. I am very pleased with their professionalism and the performance of their products. It is a pleasure to work with such dedicated professionals.

Khaleed Ahmed, Friends Net Cafee, Egypt

The best consultants for our project were available from iBonus 24X7 and the sales and support teams extended their support every time we needed inputs and help.

Management, Max Retail, A Landmark Group company, Dubai, UAE